Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries (FCHUM) is a not-for-profit social service agency founded in 1988 by 10 local churches in the Louisville, Kentucky area. A group of representatives from 10 different churches met and made a commitment to move beyond their denominational ties to work together to meet the needs of our community. Today, FCHUM is supported by area churches representing a large cross-section of different denominations working together who help make many significant contributions within the community on a daily basis.

FCHUM is a member of the Association of Community Ministries. The individual community ministries, who are members of the Association of Community Ministries, have made a positive difference to thousands of people’s lives. As a result, the various communities around Metro Louisville provide a wonderful support system to the community.

Our mission is simply stated in the following italicized text: The purpose of the organization is to unite the community in providing programs and vital social services primarily for residents of the Fern Creek and Highview areas of Louisville-Jefferson County Metro, and to improve the quality of life in the community. Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries provides programs and activities that respond to the human needs of all residents in the community without regard to race, creed, color, age or gender.


Prison and Jail Outreach Ministries provides Worship and Ministry opportunities to incarcerated men and women in Kentucky and Indiana. Volunteers will use their ministry gifts in music, worship, bringing the word, and leading the lost to be saved through Jesus Christ The Savior. Both men and women are needed! Volunteers must have a background check administered before participating in this outreach.


The Cook Family

After several successful years of working with Living Waters and teaching in Guatemala, where Tom primarily headed up a Bible Training Center, the Cook family moved to Spain. The entire family participates in various aspects of missionary activities. Beth home schools all the children, minsters in music, teaches the Word and serves in leadership positions. David and Christy create and present puppet shows, Bible story times and serve as team leaders in children’s ministry. And Rebekah, Laura, and Esther help the rest of the family to live out Christian values before the world.

Marriages and ministries have been saved and enhanced through Tom’s and Beth’s personal counseling. Tom has taught in Bible schools, given leadership training and participated in church plantings throughout Spain. This kind of ministry continues every day through this anointed family, who have been members of Trinity for over 20 years.

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Bill and Connie McDonald

The McDonalds started a church in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1992 with only a few people. The church grew quickly into a mother church of thousands and many daughter churches and ministries throughout the country. In the process of time, they also opened their doors to a school for Latin American children and many other ministries to help the people learn more about Jesus Christ.

All of this work in the Gospel field eventually made way for an opportunity to get the Gospel on television and now through much work, faith and help, the Unsion Network is reaching much of the Spanish speaking people all over the world.

Trinity is pleased to support a ministry and missionaries who are impacting millions of souls for eternity.

Bill and Connie’s daughter, Leah and her husband, Joil Marbut, are traveling the Amazon with a goal of reaching 100 villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have started a school, churches and are making good progress toward their goal.

The McDonalds are from Louisville, Kentucky and have been friends with the people of Trinity for many years.