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On March 14, 1971 a Baptist pastor recently baptized in the Holy Spirit resigned his church and held the first service of the soon to be known Louisville Trinity Baptist Church. Pastor Roy C. Lamberth met that night with his family and a room full of prospective members to worship the Lord and discuss the formation of this new charismatic church. Trinity quickly grew, purchased property and built a sanctuary and classroom buildings at the present location. Following Pastor Lamberth’s departure an elder at Trinity, Dr. Rodney L. Buckson, became pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in December 1981. Shortly after the name was changed to Louisville Trinity Church. In 1997, God began to prepare Pastor Buckson to retire as senior pastor and so he began to ask the Lord as to who was to succeed him.

After much prayer, God put it on his heart the name of his friend and fellow pastor, Steve Turpin. At the same time God was moving at Pastor Turpin’s church and speaking to them about one day uniting together with Louisville Trinity Church. God brought Pastor Rod and Steve together over lunch in early 1998 and they shared what God had separately spoken to them. On November 8th Grace Family Worship Center and Louisville Trinity Church joined together as one strong church in this city with Pastor Steve Turpin as senior pastor. A few years after on March 2, 2003, the church took on another name to more fit its vision and what it is now known today as, Trinity World Outreach.